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“Since when is it ok for a male to stalk and harass females? Upon leaving the courthouse we walked a few blocks to a coffee shop and then to a restaurant. I started noticing this tall bald guy following us. Each table or location we moved to he moved to as well. After it was obvious what he was doing I approached him and asked him if I could help him with something or if he just wanted my number. He said, ‘nope just doing my job.’ That finally got him to leave and then I followed him. He didn’t know I was behind him and then before long 5 of the US Marshall guys that were inside the courtroom reunited on a corner. I had only seen the one guy….little did I know we had been surrounded by 5 of them watching us.” – Sarah Redd Buck

Sarah is asking for help in reporting that she has been followed, along with other supporters, after a court hearing yesterday in the case against the occupiers of the Malheur Refuge in Oregon. Another outspoken supporter of the occupiers, Deborah Venetucci, received a phone call from a political prisoner last night who stated that he asked one of the Marshals present at their hearing if he had taken his Oath to the Constitution. The Marshal replied that he had taken several Oaths and went on to say that he is a “man hunter.” He admitted to hunting people like them once they’re out of jail, and ultimately puts them back in. Jason Patrick said that this Marshal in response to being asked about his Oath, also replied with: “You want your mom to be safe, don’t you?” Leaving Jason distraught and worried.

At yesterday’s hearing, Judge Anna J Brown nearly tossed Jason Patrick (occupier) ou21405_anna_brown_photot of the courtroom but quickly decided otherwise. That action stemmed from Jason Patrick asking: “Will there be anymore violent outbursts by the Judge?” Another occupier, Kenneth Medenbach (representing himself), has repeatedly asked Judge Brown for proof that she had taken her Oath, with the Judge responding that she had taken her Oath publicly in November of 1999.

If you were followed by these men please contact: US Marshal/Russel Burger/(503)326-2209

Submitted by Stephanie Noonan: ACTION ALERT! URGENT! SHARE!!!

Yesterday was a day of court for the patriots in Oregon.

We have to confront the US Marshal Service for ethics concerns.

It was reported in court that Jason Patrick and a Marshal ( described as a large red head) exchanged words and the Marshal boasted of being a ” Man Hunter “and made a threat to Jason Patrick’s family.

Also, we need to address the Marshal professionalism and procedures for stalking and intimidation of women in town that are supporters of (innocent until proven guilty) political prisoners.

Today, in an attempt to get answers

I tried to contact

US Marshall

District of Oregon 

Portland Office

Russel Burger

503 -326 -2209

Unfortunately, the contact person is unlisted, and when I finally reached someone in prisoner services . I was told to go to the website and write letters.

This is utter nonsense. US Marshals allowed to remain nameless, unaccountable, and we as citizens given no options or legitimate contacts for protest and petition.

Please do attempt to contact as well.

Contact The Oregon Attorney Generals office, suggest an investigation of Marshals making threats in a federal building against Jason Patrick on April 6 2016:

General phone number: (503) 378-4400

Link to her campaign /contact site.. Send a message:

This is what I wrote, feel free to use:

“There needs to be an investigation of Oregon, US Marshals threats against Jason Patrick and family in a federal court building yesterday.

Also protocols of pursuing citizen supporters.”


I direct this to Oregon Senators, they need to hear it. Petition them on Civil Rights.

“Not only is the incarceration, current court proceedings, and all organizations involved with the assassination of Lavoy and arrest of protestors complete shams.

The Oregon, US Marshals are rogue. Threatening Jason Patrick in a federal court building yesterday.

I simply ask where we can access policy and procedures in regards to established protocols for Oregons Marshals engaging citizens.

Where are senators in doing their job for citizens and political prisoners (innocent until proven guilty)?

Who is in charge of checks and balances of those given the privilege of armed PUBLIC SERVICE, and where can we access for official written complaints from here on out?

How outrageous these events must continue to get before they pay a visit to the court proceedings?”

Send to these links:


(In filling the message form it does not allow you to change “OR” but all others can be filled out, including zip, and it may send.Please all states citizens participate you can call Portlands office 503 589 4555)

CALL his Portland office 503 589 4555


CALL his Portland Office 503 326 3386



  1. I’ve been followed on numerous occasions myself.
    I am interested in showing details of the severe corruption in our Government. To include the following : The Trojan Horse for the Muslim Brotherhood who isn’t even a legal citizen in the white house. Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, Eric Holder, leader of the fast and furious gun running scheme in our Government.
    Harry Reid, Kate Brown and judge Anna Brown are all involved with Uranium One, and Hillary Clinton the true ring leader in the theft of land by the blm group.
    We THE Patriot Movement are fully aware and have enough documentation to prove that they’re all Guilty of TREASON against the Constitution and the American people..

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    1. If you have proof of the Treason and documents to proof it, then make several hundred copies and send them to every Governor in every state, and to those in Offices who do stand by our Constitution and believe in protecting the American people. why isn’t this being done, and why isn’t their more outrage over the proof..


  2. Why would someone being followed notify the office that is responsible for the placement of these people in the first place??? Im sensing deceit and manipulation here in this article!!!

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    1. Laurie, thank you for commenting and stating your opinion about what they decide to do about being followed. That being said, why your “sensing” deceit in this article is a mystery to me, the writer. Are you sensing deceit in the statement given by Sarah Redd Buck, Deborah Venetucci, the prisoner who called her, or the Marshal? Which is it? Maybe all 4? I kindly suggest you elaborate further on your accusation.


      1. I don’t see where she made accusation, but an opinion that deceit maybe in play about the Followers, why would the Marshall’s be following people, what would be their purpose? It is seeming to me that as American Citizen, I no longer am safe in my own Country, and to even speak the name God or Jesus I would be persecuted in doing so, I am a believer In God and his son Jesus, and believe what God says about the last days on earth as I am witnessing every scriptures God says about it, It’s really sad to know how the masses are falling to the deception and corruption of our Government. Isn’t it? for me my Love for God will remain in me and I will remain in the Love of my Savior. I can only pray for the lost souls of this world, and for those being deceived.

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  3. We need to keep exposing, petitioning.
    We the People are responsible to address and inquire.
    If we don’t, who will?
    I hope that we can continue to take back the narrative, and require representatives and leaders and authorities to do the right thing!
    I hope there is a spark of change, a review of protocols and possibly an explanation.

    Great work!

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  4. Exactly, people are starting to rise up and speak out, in the realization that the fear of doing so is a lesser fate than NOT doing so. If the contact info is available of the offenders and enough people make it known that it is UNACCEPTABLE to US, ya know, the ones they serve, ( they need to be reminded of these things, as they are Public Servants – some, others just hired by those corrupt servants abusing power). They don’t want another face off. Next time, no one will step out with their hands up in surrender. It is our duty to make sure those in power follow the law. This is the most lawless administration in our lifetime, and it’s only getting worse. We must stand together on all fronts and demand they restore the power balance and our freedoms as they are NON-NEGOTIABLE. No more straight up arrogant power drunk delusional displays of hostility towards We, The People. We need to take action, NOW. Thanks for putting this info up. This Government is breaching the law, daily, and it’s more brazen in it’s actions as time goes on.

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  5. Threatening someone’s family members is the oldest and darkest trick used by truly evil people to keep dissidents and enemies in line. They know they can’t scare the dissident, so they go after their family.

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  6. Anna J. Brown’s APPOINTMENT AFFIDAVITS are another COUNTERFEIT violating the Paperwork Reduction Act: Also, Michael R. Hogan lacked authority to administer that form, as required by 5 USC 2903: As such, Anna J. Brown’s OATH OF OFFICE FOR U.S. JUDGES is another COUNTERFEIT, because it too was administered by impostor Michael Hogan: Both have already been formally charged in this VERIFIED CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, ON INFORMATION: Further Reading:

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