UPDATE: 05/13/16 – 2:46PM 

Hello Patriot Family!

Finally here is an update on & word from our Patriot Greg Burleson.

first I want to thank everyone for their individual support, his spirits are sounding better & we are making progress, please keep in mind its only been weeks that we could get this contact going with him & a better level of awareness.

Though Greg’s spirits were up, his body weight is down. Part of the reason for this is diet. They give out a small serving of food that does not meet federal standards for human consumption. Thanks to the support of our Patriots outside in the so-called free world, Greg has been able to buy additional items from the commissary’s limited selections at inflated prices. By keeping Greg inside as they have he cannot get exercise as there is not enough room to walk around. Between the poor diet & unhealthy food that we can help him get. As many of you know, Greg was losing his sight, could only see shadows at the time they took him hostage.

I’m sad to report that Greg cannot see even shadows..

When they took Greg Hostage he was being treated, certain medicine and time spent in the daylight, and because of his other health issues exercise. These things could be better for him, yet the facility continues to behoove Greg’s health.

Greg reports his body mass protein to be near non-existant.

Greg HAS developed diabetes, from the cheaper or “knock-off” type of medicine they are treating him with.

I honestly believe they are purposely killing my Cousin & it is hurting us as well.

If Greg were in general population, he could access a microwave, as other inmates do, he could then have more things to sustain him, and that would give him time to actually walk & exercise.

He is new to being blind & has a struggle with many things we take for granted, but that is no reason to cut budget costs by keeping him in a medical observation cell. This gets so frustrating, but we have to beat the beast that is destroying not only lives families but our country.

He as you know is in the dark, he has an audio player & has a few books on order, such as the U.S. Constitution, to look up the federal papers, he asks we all read it & know it.

Greg would like to be able to hear & have access to news, he only has a radio with a very poor station that he can tune in on time, I will be trying to get them to allow something like an xm radio, to give him help in slowing his mind down, he only sleeps for about two hours at a time, waking & caught in a whirlwind of thoughts.

Please help by doing what you are doing, if you can donate to the general prisoner fund, please do, the funds are going where they need to & please keep our Hostages held by our federal government, & especially their families, of whom need all of our support!

Thank you & God Bless!

Josh Burleson

UPDATE: (10:53pm) Last weekend Gregory was visited by a supporter who took notes during their visit. He has not been diagnosed with diabetes and is not on dialysis,(despite massive inflammation of the eyes which does remain undiagnosed by jail medical staff) according to the recent visitor, although many of the other issues still remain. His weight still remains low, being reported at 134 lbs, which is a gain of 6 lbs since last known. 

Deb Jordan, partner of jailed shock-jock radio host Pete Santilli shares an update on Gregory Burelson; who is facing charges for his role in the “Bundy Standoff”-April 2014.


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I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Gregory yesterday and left that conversation extremely worried about his well being.
As we all know he was denied release last week and deemed to be too great a danger to society. The Gregory I spoke with is anything but.
He is very distraught.

He is being housed at the medical unit in Parhump Southern Nevada Detention Center. Blind and on dialysis, he has no communication with the outside world and the guards give him little attention. The letters he receives are not read to him — He is left on a cot and has developed bed sores because he is not provided a “blind stick” so he can walk around by himself to get exercise. He never gets to go outside to be in the sunlight.
He has lost confidence in his attorney.
Gregory broke down and sobbed several times during our conversation. He asked that someone help him write a living will as he feels like he does not have much time. Gregory is very very thin and does not look well at all.

Please call the head Marshall in charge “Christopher Hoye” and voice your concerns — 

District of Nevada (D/NV)

U.S. Marshal: Christopher Hoye

U.S. Courthouse

300 Las Vegas Boulevard S., Room 448

Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 388-6355


4 thoughts on “HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION ALERT: Bundy Supporter Requests Living Will – Fears Imminent Death In Federal Custody 

    1. u better take care of him and all the others ..or u will see what u never seen before u crooked ass goverment.


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