Bundy supporters have been screaming about Harry Reid’s dealings with the Chinese for years. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada had lobbied heavily for a Chinese energy giant to purchase land in Nevada, even traveled to China to personally present the deal. Reid’s son, Rory Reid, formerly a Clark County commissioner, became a lobbyist for ENN while Sen. Reid’s former senior adviser, Neil Kornze, now leads the BLM. The sale of the most massive solar plant in the United States to China would have been purchased well under what the land was actually worth. 

The Chinese and the Reid’s aren’t the only players involved here. Environmental extremists such as the Center for Biological Diversity had been busy doing some hardcore lobbying of their own. The staple plea is, “Keep it Public.” Disregarding the fact that Reid still hasn’t given up on selling their precious public land to foreign interests, obliterating their argument against ranchers like the Bundy’s and their supporters being the ones heading the sale.

Like the Reid’s, the CBD has shown a history of using intimidation and force in order to achieve what they say their well-intended goals are. This time their goal was to protect the endangered tortoise, at all costs. Since they refuse to protect the species on their own, they sought help from lawmakers such as Reid who then sent his lobbying son to do the dirty work for him being that they both were stakeholders standing to potentially profit from grabbing the Bundy’s land. 

When you have an endangered species a mitigation area has to be chosen until an agreement is realized. That mitigation area for the tortoise just happened to be placed smack-dab on Bundy’s property where Bundy’s cows have been grazing for decades. The tortoises were to be moved to that area so litigation could begin. We know how that played out in April 2014, not only for the Bundy family and their ever-growing support group, but for Reid & Son, the Chinese and the CBD. 

To explain a bit more in detail, “Judge Jeanine” at Fox News fills America in on how she too would relish at a chance to have Harry Reid & Son lie to her in a courtroom. Cliven Bundy’s attorney Joel Hanson is attempting to do just that, with a lawsuit filed this past Tuesday, telling the government that the current residing judge over Bundy’s case, Judge Gloria Navarro, should recuse herself because she cannot make rulings fairly, being that Reid recommended her to Obama who later appointed her. 

You can view the video here: http://youtu.be/Uch1qHPWYQM 

Documents had been drawn up for the Chinese Solar Farm many years prior to this, showing the sole shareholder as “Kit Tsui” who is referenced by Judge Jeanine in the above video. Source for screen capture here: www.lawinsider.com 

So, JJ MacNab can “debunk” these claims all she’d like (if she didn’t, she’d be unemployed) but the fact of the matter remains; Documents prove that Harry Reid, Rory Reid, the Chinese, lobbyists for the Clinton’s and Obama have had and still have a major interest in profiting off of Bundy’s land. 

Many that oppose Bundy have repeatedly stated that the deal fell through, and they are correct. However, Harry Reid & Son weren’t worried because there are 50 other development plans that they could fall back on that include solar, geothermal and wind projects, set for not only Nevada but for Arizona, California, and other Western states as well. 

The Big Payout

The leaseholder on the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project is K Road Power, LLC, a New York City-based energy company that employs as business manager Jonathan Magaziner, formerly an associate at the Clinton Climate Initiative of the William J. Clinton Foundation. According to research conducted by investigative reporter Christine Lakotas, First Solar Inc. was an early investment funded by Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street investment banking firm that ranked as a top $1 million contributor to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Lakota also documented that First Solar investors include bundlers Bruce Heyman and David Heller, two Goldman Sachs executives who sat on Obama’s 2008 Finance Committee. 

Peter Schweizer, on pages 91-92 of his 2011 book “Throw Them All Out,” also lists Michael Ahearn, First Solar’s chief executive officer, as having given generously and exclusively to Democrats. He also pointed out that billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, another Obama bundler, owns a major stake in First Solar.

In March 2012, the Washington Examiner reported First Solar, an Arizona-based manufacturer of solar panels, received in 2010 a $16.3 million subsidy to expand its factory in Ohio. The grant came after a $455.7 million taxpayer-funded loan guarantee awarded by the Export-Import Bank to subsidize the sale of solar panels to two solar firms in Canada. Read more: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/1184251

In 2012, NV Energy rebuffed pressure by Reid to get behind the $5 billion solar project that ENN Group wanted to build near Laughlin, Nev. Steve Tetreault noted in the Las Vegas Journal – Review in July 2012 that Reid said the envisioned ambitious complex “would start tomorrow if NV Energy would purchase the power,” but the company “has not been willing to work on this and that’s a shame.” The company does not plan to issue new requests for power until 2014 and 2015, and will do so through competitive bidding, said Jennifer Schuricht.”NV Energy would certainly welcome a bid from ENN when we issue the next RFP (request for proposals), and their success, like all other projects, would be dependent on the benefits, especially price, that they can demonstrate for the customers of NV Energy,” Schuricht said in a statement.

Reid has a personal stake in pushing NV Energy to use more solar power. Reid had teamed up with the Chinese firm to invest $8 billion in the U.S. on renewable energy projects in the coming decade. Also, Reid had invited ENN Group’s chairman, Wang Yusuo, to speak at the senator’s clean energy summit in Las Vegas during the summer 2011. 

No deal

In April 2012, Bloomberg reported the Reid-sponsored deal to have ENN Group invest $5 billion in a solar plant and energy-generating farm in Laughlin, Nev., was on the ropes because Reid and ENN were unable to find a utility company willing to buy the solar energy.

According to Bloomberg, Reid never stopped pressuring California, evidently concerned he would need an alternative if NV Energy could not be convinced. The energy plant “will generate the electricity California must have in just a few years,” Reid said in March, referring to a state mandate requiring 33 percent of a utility’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020. “This project is close to California. It’s within walking distance.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? Reid’s spokeswoman, Kristen Orthman, said the senator was working on introducing ENN to utilities. Laughlin officials were getting calls every week from investors, job seekers and local business owners wanting to know the status.

Then, on June 17, 2013, the Associated Press reported ENN Group dropped its plans to build the $5 billion solar project. ENN officials informed Clark County officials the company was terminating its agreement to purchase 9,000 acres because it was unable to sign up public utilities in either Nevada or California to agree to purchase the solar energy generated. On June 14, 2013, Clark County Commissioner explained to the Las Vegas Sun: “Alternative energies are still more expensive than fossil fuels and they [ENN] couldn’t get (the costs) down to a point where they could sell any of the power. Even if we had given them an extension for a year or two, it wouldn’t have made a difference.” 

Bundy’s “trespass cattle”

On April 9, the U.S. Senate in a 71-28 vote confirmed Neil Kornze, a former senior adviser to Reid, to head the Bureau of Land Management. At BLM, an agency Kornze originally joined in 2011, Kornze distinguished himself by spearheading BLM’s “Western Solar Energy” plan that produced the following year a “Final Pragmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States.”

The document currently serves as a blueprint for the federal government to “mitigate” the potential environmental impact of the planned Solar Energy Zones, or SEZs.
The government seeks to transform thousands of acres throughout six Southwestern states into alternative habitats to relocate endangered species from private land sold to accommodate renewable energy projects.
A BLM study titled “Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone, Technical Note 444,” dated March 2014, identifies Bunkerville, Nev., the site of the Bundy Ranch approximately 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, as a mitigation area for the Dry Lake SEZ. The Dry Lake SEZ, about 15 miles northeast of Las Vegas, encompasses approximately 5,717 acres under management of the Clark County BLM office. 

A BLM map identifying the “Bundy Cattle Tresspass Overview,” the area designated by black diagonal lines, also shows cattle from the Bundy Ranch ranging on public land adjoining the Moapa Indian Reservation, site of the previously referenced First Solar project. 

In a document removed from the BLM website but located in Internet archive files clearly notes complaints that Bundy’s “cattle trespass impacts” include “concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte (the area Reid is actively pursuing today) as the location for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of the trespass cattle.” View the removed document here: http://archive.is/nvlzr 

Reid’s war on coal companies – Which Hillary Clinton now adopted

The plan to convert an increasingly large share of Nevada’s public land to solar power projects appears to have been a key motivation prompting Reid to run a war against coal-burning electric power in Nevada that appears to have begun during the second term of President George W. Bush.

The Laughlin site on which ENN had planned to build its solar project was the home to the 1,580 megawatt coal-fired Mohave Generating Station, owned by Southern California Edison, that Reid and other Democrats in Congress forced closed in 2005, leaving many tribal members jobless. 
Harry Reid’s interests are clear. He doesn’t care about public lands, but what he stands to profit off of their sale, no matter if it’s sold to China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or even South Africa (which will be covered in detail in future articles). Perhaps JJ MacNab can spend her time debunking that. 

The facts show Harry Reid’s interests in the Bundy men being in jail, make it a lot easier to grab their land, leaving only the Bundy women to protect the land on their own. With his renewed vow to get his hands on Gold Butte by means of lobbying Obama hard enough to use the Antiquities Act, his efforts may soon come to another head as they did so back in 2014. The question remains: Will Bundy supporters stand for round II vs Harry’s baby, the BLM? We’re waiting and watching. 


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